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Lombok Gili Trawangan Is The Best Vacation

The Gili Islands, Bali consist of three small, wonderful exotic heaven islands: Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. These islands are situated a few kilometres from the North West shore of Lombok, and recently have become a favourite place and seemingly heavenly abode for guests visiting both Philippines and Lombok. They are also a quickly evolving vacation location in their own right.

Lombok You Have To See

The Gili Isles were first discovered by Bugis anglers from Sulawesi, who used them as a stop point while sport fishing visits throughout the Indonesian islands. They first became well-known with guests returning in the Nineteen-eighties, when back-packers found the beautiful picturesque beauty of pristine seashores and magnificently bountiful waters with a wide variety of underwater life.

Today the Gili islands are the most well-known fascination of Lombok. Lombok is often regarded the "sister island" of Bali, and many individuals choose to check out both islands on their vacation to the popular exotic heaven of Bali. It is now very simple to journey from either Bali or Lombok to the Gili islands.

Visitors are drawn by the relaxed characteristics of the place and their helpful regional population, who are an assortment of unique Bugis residents and regional Lombok individuals who have shifted to the Gili islands in search of work in the tourist and leisure market. The most attractive mode of transportation is motorcycles, and other types of electric transportation are prohibited in this place.paket tour bali

Gili Air is the isle nearest to Lombok, and was the first to be visited by guests. Travellers to Lombok first began to use it for tourist purpose but gradually they felt it can make a promising business venture. Providing simple foods and holiday homes and hotels in Gili Islands can serve dual purpose of serving the tourists as well as make a good business. Gili Air is only a few kilometres from the shore of Lombok, so it is very easily accessible.

The second of the three islands is Gili Meno. Till today it continues to be the least designed places of Bali, and is very well-known with guests who wish complete serenity and relaxed atmosphere.

Wisata di Lombok

Farthest from the landmass of Lombok is Gili Trawangan, which is also the most well-known isle for guests. Trawangan has earned the reputation of the "party island", majority of the travellers visit the place to have fun in the night life and regional natural pleasures, free from any cops, ending time or other rules. These times the isle has become far more innovative, serving young back-packers on a price variety and guests with family members remaining in high-class personal cottages. For more details please click here website Something You Should Know about Gili Islands


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